Jurgen Interviewed For a Startup and Tech Show

Both in the offline and the online world, networking can help to grow exposure for your brand and your project.

Whether that’s promoting your crowdfunding campaign, or in our case promoting CF Blueprint, getting out there and actually talking to people is ultimately what will help to get you noticed.

And so it was that last week we attended a CFIA crowdfunding seminar in Perth to meet face to face with like minded entrepreneurs and the startup community to introduce ourselves and our project.

Once people heard the story behind Crowdfunding Blueprint and the lengths we’d gone to to interview the top 3% of crowdfunders there was a slight frenzy of activity with folks keen to tap into our knowledge and find out more.

They wanted to know things like:

– what are the common mistakes that crowdfunders make?
– how does crowdfunding fit in with other funding avenues for entrepreneurs?
– what advice did we have for first-timers who had never run a campaign before?

One of the ladies we met that night, Rosemary Burnett also invited us to be interviewed for her small business and tech startup show, sitecontent4u.com

In the video (shared below), Rosemary and I discuss:

  • What it takes to build a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • Common traits shared by the $56,000,000 experts we interviewed
  • How crowdfunding complements other funding options for entrepreneurs
  • Common mistakes made by first-time crowdfunders

Enjoy the video!


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