Jurgen Van Pletsen

Jurgen is an entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia.

For the last 10 years he has helped clients improve profitability and has built a number of ventures; from smartphone apps to a multi million dollar consulting business.

In addition to mentoring startups and business students, he operates nicheinterview.com, skite.com.au and cfblueprint.com to keep his curious mind occupied and develop innovative content for the startup community.

Mem Niyazi

Mehmet Niyazi

Mehmet (Mem to friends) brings a wealth of marketing and course development experience to the CF Blueprint team.

As an ex oil trader, Mem launched an education company at 24 which within six months was partnered with, and endorsed by, multibillion dollar global institutions.

Mem’s marketing agency, Alomay.com, has helped to launch and grow countless online businesses. His client’s include well known internet marketers, Saudi royal family and SME’s from around the world.

Michael Pipicelli

Combining a hobby with an income is something most aspire to. Michael made that a reality.

As a keen motorsport enthusiast, Michael’s sense of adventure, incredible knack for online research and his ability to form relationships with people around the world, led him down the path of entrepreneurialism – importing car parts from Japan to Australia.

His eye for detail and analytical nature complemented by his engineering background, property management business, and active investments in the stock market, make him an invaluable asset to the CF Blueprint business.