Experts featured in the Crowdfunding Blueprint.

Learn how they've raised $56m between them.

The Crowdfunding Blueprint Training System features in-depth interviews and lessons from the expert listed below.

One of the key challenges we put to ourselves when designing the course was to get as much perspective as possible from campaigns in multiple geographies, industries, product categories and campaign sizes.

The experts below represent the top 3% of crowdfunders.

Their campaigns provide an excellent overview of what success looks like under various conditions, and the insights they shared from skilfully managing the difficult process is invaluable. Learn directly from the innovative products they are developing and their experience in the crowdfunding industry. We also talked to industry experts – people that can help with all the supporting aspects of a crowdfunding campaign such as video production, marketing and PR, graphic design, copywriting, product development and hardware manufacturing.

No other crowdfunding training course on the market can provide you with more insight and depth into the inner workings behind successful campaigns.

We are eternally grateful for the generosity and support from the individuals on this page – we could not have created such an extensive body of knowledge on crowdfunding without them.

Andreas Birnik Creopop
Andreas Birnik

Andreas is co-founder of CreoPop, the world’s first 3D pen with cool ink. The Creopop campaign raised over $200k (and $2m venture funding). In addition to his excellent advice on their approach, Andreas also talks in-depth about the hardware production process.

Andrew de Paula, Swivelcard
Andrew de Paula

Andrew is President/CEO at intelliPaper, a company that patented the printing of circuit boards on paper. Andrew discusses the innovative Swivelcard campaign, how they reached their goal in 8 hours (and raised 10x as much) as well as the importance of preparation for your campaigns.

Anthony Mattana, Hooke Audio
Anthony Mattana

Anthony is the Founder of Hooke Audio, makers of a mobile Binaural 3D Audio recording headset (first of it’s kind). Anthony talks about goal setting, backer communication and insights into the hardware production process.

Ayelet Noff, Blonde 2.0
Ayelet Noff

Ayelet is the Founder & CEO of Blonde 2.0, an award winning global PR agency based out of Tel Aviv. Ayelet discusses effective outreach strategies for building engagement through various earned, owned, shared and paid marketing channels.

Beam Limsupanark, Drivebot
Beam Limsupanark

Beam is the Founder of the Drivebot product, the “Fitbit for your car”. Drivebot helps drivers identify and interpret car problems easily. Beam describes their extensive product validation process, community building and emotionally connecting with backers through your video.

Blazej Marciniak, Sherlybox
Blazej Marciniak

Blazej is the CEO at, makers of the Sherlybox personal secure cloud storage device. Blazej discusses how to identify your target market, media positioning and product messaging, campaign page design and the importance of carefully designing your rewards structure.

Brandon Patton, Nerdcore Medical
Brandon Patton

Nerdcore Medical specialises in applying good design principles and entertainment to learning about medical concepts. Brandon discusses how they successfully launched two crowdfunding projects – Healing Blade and Bacterionomicon – and the key elements they focused on to reach $148k raised.

Brian Jaffe, Printeer
Brian Jaffe

Brian started Mission Street Manufacturing to develop the Printeer, a 3D printer aimed at educating kids about 3D printing and manufacturing. After a very successful campaign (raising ~$120k), the challenges of develoing a hardware product meant that they were not successful in delivering the product. Brian explains what happened and the lessons they learned in the process.

Brian Min, Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Keyboard
Brian Min

Brian is the CEO of Qwerkytoys Inc, makers of the Qwerkywriter (a typewriter-inspired blueooth keyboard). Brian shares how he found passionate backers for a very quirky product, the internal mindset required for a successful campaign and how his crowdfunding journey has changed his outlook and appreciation for consumer products.

Bryan Davis, ZipFitShirt
Bryan Davis

Bryan is the Founder at Teddy Stratford Apparel, makers of the ZipFitShirt. Bryan discusses the importance of pre-launch list building (and how to tap into your social capital) as well as video design and reigniting interest in your campaign during the mid-campaign lull.

Chris Wentz, Everykey
Chris Wentz

Chris is the CEO of EveryKey, makers of a wristband that replaces keys and passwords. Chris and his team did extensive pre-launch validation for their product and he discusses their process, video design and hardware manufacturing.

Clément Perrot, Prynt Case
Clement Perrot

Clement is the Founder of Prynt – makers of the Prynt case that prints photos directly from your iPhone. Prynt raised $1.6m and Clement explains their extensive product validation and pre-launch work that allowed them to raise $200k in 30 minutes.

Colin Richardson, Cocoon
Colin Richardson

Colin is the Co-Founder of Cocoon, makers of a smart home security device that uses infrasonic sound to detect abnormal behaviour in your home and raise the alarm. Colin discusses how to find your target audience and convert them into fans and the methodical approach they took to raise more than $230k.

Crista Cloutier, The Working Artist
Crista Cloutier

Crista is the Founder of where artists and other creatives can learn about the business of working in art. Crowdfunding allowed her to raise funds and find a new community for her work when other funding sources wouldn’t support her. She talks about crowdfunding for artists, how to build a backer community and execute a campaign on a small budget.

Dan Hughes, Mantel Mount
Dan Hughes

Dan is the Chairman of Coast Environmental and developed the Mantelmount (a unique and innovative mounting arm for your TV). Dan tells us how they built a mailing list of 25,000 people before their campaign and reached their $50k goal in 30 minutes.

Dave Cohen, Mousr
Dave Cohen

Dave and Michael from Petronics talk about their journey with developing Mousr – a robotic mouse toy that reacts intelligently to a cat’s movements to simulate real prey’s movements. They discuss how to design a unique campaign on a budget, setting realistic expectations and building a relationship with your backers.

Elijah Woolery
Elijah Woolery

Elijah is a designer and entrepreneur. He teaches at Stanford University and helps his clients with design (UI/UX/Product), photography & video services. He offers expert advice on developing high quality crowdfunding videos on a budget.

Eric Wang, Rhinoshield
Eric Wang

Eric is Founder of Evolutive Labs, a material sciences company responsible for the Rhinoshield phone protection products (highest backed iPhone project ever on Kickstarter). They raised almost $500k on Kickstarter and Eric explains how they did it.

Gabriel Wyner, Fluent Forever
Gabriel Wyner

Gabriel is a polyglot and the author of “Fluent Forever”. The Fluent Forever language learning app was described by Business Insider as one of the best language learning apps they’ve ever seen. Gabriel shares his thoughts on platform selection, managing costs, communicating effectively with backers and how they regained momentum mid-campaign.

Gavin Tanner , Novi Security
Gavin Tanner

Gavin is VP of Marketing for Novi Security, makers of an in-home security camera and smoke alarm. Gavin discusses the extensive validation process for their product, how they pivoted and the key elements of their campaign that led them to raise almost $200k on Kickstarter.

Gimmy Chu, Nanoleaf Bloom
Gimmy Chu

Gimmy is Co-founder and CEO of Nanoleaf, the company behind Nanolight and Nanoleaf Bloom LED lightbulbs. Nanoleaf raised ~$500k through two campaigns. Gimmy explains how these campaigns were very different from each other, what they did to reach $60k in one hour and the value of feedback received from their backers.

Haomiao Huang, Kuna
Haomiao Huang

Haomiao is the Founder and CTO at Kuna, makers of a smart camera in an outdoor light that lets you prevent break-ins instead of waiting for an alarm. Haomiao discusses backer behaviour (and how it changes based on your progress), communication, video design and using referral programs effectively.

Jack Abbott Countercrop
Jack Abbott

Jack is the Founder of Intelligent Light Source, makers of the Countercrop system that allows anyone to grow healthy food in their home. Jack talks about the pre-campaign preparation, target audience identification and product messaging as well as the hard work that allowed them to raise over $130k.

Joachim Horn, SAM Labs
Joachim Horn

Joachim is the Founder of SAM Labs, creator of the SAM IoT buttons that raised close to $200k. SAM buttons were dubbed the “LEGO for the iPad generation”. Joachim tells us why they chose to do a crowdfunding product, how to get great press and what to do when faced with the mid-campaign slowdown.

Joel Andren, Pressfriendly
Joel Andren

Joel is CEO and Co-founder at PressFriendly, a PR company for startups with machine learning technology that helps you to identify the right reporters and media opportunities for your product. Joel worked with the Coolest Cooler campaign (and many others) to get them featured in top-tier publications. He discusses their approach, the life of a reporter and how to construct a pitch that cuts through the noise.

Josh Perfetto, Open qPCR
Josh Perfetto

Josh is the Founder and CEO of Chai, a Biotech company aimed at expanding the access and impact of biotech. Their Open qPCR (Qualitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) device is a low cost, portable Thermal Cycler that gives remote regions in the world access to critical medical diagnostic information. This is not a typical crowdfunding product, and Josh goes in great detail to explain the challenges they faced with their campaign (and how they overcame them).

Julian Lee, Ambi Climate
Julian Lee

Julian is the CEO & Co-Founder of Ambi Labs. The Ambi Climate is a device that automatically controls your air conditioner to give you better comfort and energy savings. Julian describes how they found their target audience, why they completely re-shot their video and other tactics that allowed them to raise their goal on the first day.

Katy Walker, Time is Art
Katy Walker

Katy is a transmedia artist & producer from New York. She used Indiegogo to raise capital for the “Time is Art” documentary film. She shares the challenges filmmakers face when crowdfunding for their products, efficient reward design that doesn’t add overhead to your business and some very interesting approaches they took to build awareness for their campaign.

Klemens Dittrich, Alldock
Klemens Dittrich

Klemens is CEO of Dittrich Design, makers of All-dock (a great looking smart device docking station with fast charging). He talks about the importance of a good product and good marketing capability. He also discusses the pressure you will experience during a campaign.

Mark & Jason, SPOR Charger
Mark & Jason

Mark and Jason, Founders of SPOR Solar Chargers discuss why they chose crowdfunding as a way to launch SPOR, how they managed almost 1500 backers and some interesting lessons they learnt from going through the manufacturing process for their product.

Michael Chou, Midnightscoop
Michael Chou

Michael is the President of Mykin Inc. His crowdfunding campaign for the MidnightScoop (a redesign of the classic ice-cream scoop) had a slow start, but through determination they ended up with almost $200k in backing. He discusses what they did to achieve this and the importance of iteration and prototyping your product.

Michael Kravshik, Leo Fitness
Michael Kravshik

Michael is CFO at GestureLogic, makers of LEO fitness, a wearable device that monitors your muscles and gives real time bio feedback on how they’re performing and ways to improve. Michael shares why it’s important to clearly define your target market, your message and the benefits of having strong graphic design capability in your team.

Mo Volans, Slice Media Player
Mo Volans

Mo is Director and Founder of FiveNinjas, makers of the Slice media player that raised $360k on Kickstarter. Mo discussses platform selection, goal setting, the importance of a great team and how they smashed their $150k goal in less than a week.

Mu-Chi Sung, Catfi
Mu-Chi Sung

Mu-Chi is the President and CEO of Zillians, developers behind Catfi – the world’s smartest cat feeder and health tracker. Mu-Chi talks about raising $100k in 3 days and keeping up momentum to reach over $240k. Their campaign was featured in 200 media outlets.

Nick Teulon, 90 Seconds Video
Nick Teulon

Nick is the Growth Manager for 90 Seconds Video, and has helped to raise ~$100k through crowdfunding projects. Nick shares insights on video production for crowdfunding campaigns – from developing a great storyline, getting the most out of a video production company and some essential equipment you’ll need to do it yourself.

Oded Cohen, Upright Pose
Oded Cohen

Oded is the CEO and Founder of UpRight, a discreet wearable device that improves your posture in as little as 15 minutes per day. Oded discusses essential questions every founder should ask themselves before commencing a campaign, the importance of a trusted manufacturer and the value of a great PR partner.

Or Reznik, Radmo
Or Reznik

Or is the co-founder of Radmo, the perfect phone mount for your car. Or shares insight on validation, testing your product with thousands of people before launching your campaign and how to narrow down your target market. He also discusses how to keep up momentum and carefully managing your expenses.

Phil Rodenbeck, Calligraph Duneshore
Phil Rodenbeck

Phillip is the Founder of the Visitor Watch Co. and maker of the Calligraph Duneshore wristwatch. Phillip discusses their approach to building interest before the campaign launch and how to design a campaign for multiple backer segments.

Ran Cory, Creative Director
Ran Cory

Ran is a Creative Director for crowdfunding, startups and advertising. He has helped 7 crowdfunding campaigns develop brands around their products and raise over $850k. He talks to us about brand development, campaign video design and some strategies for regaining (and keeping) momentum.

Rasmus Berggreen, MOOD
Rasmus Berggreen

Rasmus is the CEO of MOOD, a visual development studio in Denmark (concept artists for the Hitman games). Fall of Gods (an illustrated book inspired by Norse mythology) raised ~$100k and Rasmus describes campaign design, backer communication and what it takes to bring a printed book to market.

Roel Peeters, Roost Battery
Roel Peeters

Roel is the CEO of Roost Labs, makers of an innovative wi-fi enabled battery for smoke alarms. Roel discusses how you can find early adopters for your product, the surprising costs of developing electronic hardware products and the key assets you need in place for a successful campaign.

Roy Morejon, Command Partners
Roy Morejon

Roy is the Founder of Command Partners, a digital marketing agency that has helped raise over $30m on crowdfunding platforms. He discusses the critical success factors that helped them successfully fund projects like Hexo Drone, GOkey, Bunch o Balloons, Blink, Rocketbook and the Nebia shower head ($2.5m).

Saul Cockburn, Tooletries
Saul Cockburn

Saul is a Director at Tooletries, makers of the Mighty Toothbrush Holder and a impact resistant travel case for your toiletries. Saul discusses how they reached their funding goal in 24 hours, product messaging and the importance of timing your launch date.

Shaun Masavage, Drinkmate
Shaun Masavage

Shaun is the Founder of Edge Tech Labs, makers of Drinkmate, the world’s smallest breathalyzer that plugs directly into your smartphone. The Drinkmate campaigns have raised ~$200k and Shaun discusses the what to expect during a campaign, hidden costs to look out for and even what to do to manage the risk of copycats.

Thomas Sleeth, BackerKit
Thomas Sleeth

Thomas from Backerkit explains how their software can help crowdfunders manage reward delivery, customer data and payments. Many of our guests here have recommended the use of Backerkit. Their product saves you time and frustration and helps to reduce funding attrition (which can be as high as 10%).

Thubten Comerford, WePost Media
Thubten Comerford

Thubten is the Founder and CEO of WePost media, a leading provider of inbound digital media services. Thubten’s expertise is working with businesses to find and attract engaged audiences. He discusses the exact outreach and list building strategies you could use to find your backers and build a strong pre-launch list for your campaign.

Tom Maclean Sofi Spritz
Tom Maclean

Tom is the Founder of Sofi Spritz – a bitter, sweet, playful, pure, Australian spritz. Tom discusses how crowdfunding can help you validate a market idea, what it takes to build a brand from scratch, how to find your target audience and very important considerations for selecting your crowdfunding platform.

Topher White, Rainforest Connection
Topher White

Topher is the Founder and CEO of Rainforest Connection, an organisation that aims to put a stop to illegal logging in forests through innovative use of old mobile phones. Topher talks about developing a press-worthy message, iteration and learning throughout your campaign, effective goal setting and the importance of a credible product.

Yaniv Tross, Tross Video
Yaniv Tross

Yaniv is the CEO at Tross, a creative agency for startups. Tross created the Sensibo video which won Indigogo’s funniest pitch video award for 2014. Yaniv describes how his agency has helped raise $3.3m for their clients and how you can apply the same lessons in your campaign.

Eugene Jorov, Angel Open Health Sensor
Eugene Jorov

Eugene is the Co-founder at Seraphim Sense, makers of the Angel open health sensor. Angel has 3 sensors that monitor your vitals, and has an open SDK for integration with many popular apps. Eugene talks about the benefits of crowfunding as a validation platform, the importance of a strong team and the mental strength and perseverance required to raise $335k.

Jayme Haitsuka, Munitio PRO30 Bluetooth Headphones
Jayme Haitsuka

Jayme is a copywriter and digital strategist, and the campaign manager behind the very successful PRO30 headphones campaign ($400k raised). Jayme discusses campaign page design, cross promotion, payment collection, product positioning and how to create a message that backers are happy to share with their friends.

Brodie McCulloch, Managing Director of Spacecubed Co-Working Space
Brodie McCulloch

Brodie is the Founder and Managing Director of Spacecubed, one of the largest co-working spaces in Australia. Brodie and his team raised almost $60k to expand Spacecubed. He tells us how crowdfunding can be a fantastic fundraising tool for co-working spaces… if it’s done right.

Barry James, Founder of The Crowdfunding Centre and the National Crowdfunding Conference, UK
Barry James

Barry is the Founder of The Crowdfunding Centre and the National Crowdfunding Conference in the United Kingdom. Barry has played a pivotal role in bringing crowdfunding to the UK and the Crowdfunding Centre provides entrepreneurs with supporting tools and analytics on over 270,000 crowdfunding projects.